Welcome!  My name is Adam Martinez and here you can get more information on me and my work.  These services include sax, flute and clarinet adjustments, repads, and overhauls.  I specialize in all three instruments being a musician and woodwind tech for over 14yrs.  I offer the latest techniques in woodwind repair and feel as a player I know exactly what your horn should feel and sound like.  Also, I have been certified to install Straubinger flute and clarinet pads. 
In most cases when you buy a new instrument you may feel everything plays great and feels great... but I assure you there is still a level of perfection above that.  Unless you have a hand made flute or clarinet (and these are not perfect either) the chances are your horn was made in a production line....  Not to bad mouth the manufacturers but they don't have the time or money to spend hours customizing your particular horn.  That's where I come in...... 

                  CUSTOM WOODWIND