Sax Adjustment
Regular annual maintenance is essential in the care of your saxophone. Proper annual care will keep your instrument in top condition and uphold its value over time. I recommend that saxophonist who play several hours per day have more frequent service.  The following process is taken during your adjustment.  Dents or custom work can be done if mentioned:

-        First thing I do is check to make sure everything is tight
-Reshape pivot screw tips and steels (as needed)
-Remove all play or lost of motion
-Check all springs for strength
-Realign any keys and post (whatever keys do get realigned the                            corasponding pad will also be replaced)
-Replace any bad pads and corks (including Neck cork)
-Readjust all key heights to proper height
-Adjust entire Sax

Additional charges will be added for the following jobs:
-Resoldering of any key, guard and post
-Filing or reshaping of any tone holes
-Custom key making

In-shop repairs                                     $60.00/hour
Annual Clean, Oil and Adjust                from  $180.00

                  CUSTOM WOODWIND