Flute Overhaul
                 CUSTOM WOODWIND
It is recommended that you get your flute overhauled every 5-8 years sometimes sooner (depending on how often you play and how hard you may be on your flute).  One of the main signs that will tell you that you may need an overhaul is if your instrument keeps going out of adjustment.  Also, you may notice that your flute becomes very noisy when you play it and that is because the felt in the pads and key corks have become to compressed.

The following procedures are taken in an overhaul job:
      Dents are removed
      Tenons are refit
      All tone holes are checked for soldering                                                                               Each tone hole is releveled (only if necessary)
      Springs are replaced as necessary
      All steels are cleaned and  oiled
      The mechanism is depinned for cleaning
      New pads are installed (Felt or Straubinger pads).
      A new headjoint cork is installed.

NOTE: Adjustments, shimming, checking mechanism...etc are obviously included in an overhaul and will be done with constant attention.
Repad with Straubinger pads                         $900
Repad with Felt pads                                    $800
COA (clean, oil & adjust)                              $160