Flute Adjustment
Regular annual maintenance is essential in the care of your flute or piccolo. Proper annual care will keep your instrument in top condition and uphold its value over time. I recommend that flutists who play several hours per day have more frequent service.  The following process is taken during your adjustment.  Dents or custom work can be done if mentioned:
-Oiling all steels and screws
-Replacing any bad key corks or felts
-Replacing or reskinning any bad pads
-Refitting all keys
-Replacement of head cork
-Readjust all key heights to proper height
-Refitting head joint and foot joint to body
-Removing all play from keys
-Adjusting spring tension (soft,medium,hard)
-Hand polish (no buffing)
-       Wooden instruments are treated with bore oil
-       All pads are leveled by shimming to tolerances of less than .0005 inch
Note: Their will be an added fee for reshaping or leveling of tones.

In-shop repairs                                     $60.00/hour
Annual Clean, Oil and Adjust                 from $160.00

                  CUSTOM WOODWIND