Clarinet Overhaul
While clarinets require annual routine professional service to maintain top playing condition, a complete overhaul is necessary typically every five to ten years.  Pads gradually become dry and hard and lose their flexibility over time. Older pads may be leveled or adjusted, but they may shift back to their original position, quickly bringing the clarinet out of proper adjustment.  Felts, corks and bumpers also wear, bringing about mal-adjustment and overall key noise.  Key fit is extremely important to the stability of adjustments and to minimize key noise.  With normal use, keys wear over time and must be carefully refit to maintain a reliable mechanism.  The overhaul process is extensive and concentrates on all aspects of the clarinet to return it to proper playing condition.  The following are the steps involved in a full overhaul:


   -Washed and cleaned
   -All steels and pivot screws polished and oiled
   -All corks and felts replaced
   -Wood treated with oil
   -Springs checked for right tension
   -All tenon corks replaced
   -Body checked for cracks or leaks
   -Tone holes leveled and cleaned
   -Install new bladder pad, cork pad or Straubinger pad
   -Realignment of keys and post


   -    Body is washed and treated with a special oil treatment
   -    Tubing's are polished to a high finish by hand using polish paste
   -    The mechanism is washed and treated with a Tarnish removing solution
   -    Padding and Final Assembly
   -    All tenon corks are replaced with quality cork
   -    The mechanism is realigned to the toneholes as necessary
   -    New pads are installed using the highest quality premium felt pads, cork pad or Straubinger pads
   -    Pads are meticulously leveled.  Minimal seat is inserted into the pads
   -    The mechanism is precisely adjusted for a quick response with the lightest touch
   -    The clarinet is play tested to check for proper response, tone, resonance, pitch and consistency                             throughout the registers

A professional overhaul is an important investment in maintaining the value and reliability of your clarinet for years to come. 

Clarinet Overhaul with Premium Bladder Pads       $400.00
              Clarinet Overhaul with Premium Cork Pads       $500.00  
       Clarinet Overhaul with Straubinger Pads       $600.00