Clarinet Adjustment
Regular annual maintenance is essential in the care of your clarinet. Proper annual care will keep your instrument in top condition and uphold its value over time. I recommend that clarientist who play several hours per day have more frequent service.  The following process is taken during your adjustment:

-Lightly clean body and keys
-All steels and pivot screws polished and oiled
-All corks and felts needing replacment will be replaced
-Clarinet bore lightly treated with oil
-Springs checked for right tension
-All tenon corks needing replacment will be replaced
-Body checked for cracks or leaks
-Tone holes leveled and cleaned as needed
-Install new bladder pad, cork pad or Straubinger pad where needed
-Realignment of keys and post
-Action is adjusted to your specifications
-Play tested

In-shop repairs                                     $60.00/hour
Annual Clean, Oil and Adjust                from  $150.00

                  CUSTOM WOODWIND