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All adjustments come with a six month warranty. Overhauls for sax and clarinet come with a six month warranty. Any flutes being overhauled with Straubinger pads will come with a one year warranty.  Any adjustments done during that time are free. If instruments are shipped in from out of town, customer is responsible for shipping.

Please print out the repair form and send in with instrument.  Also, feel free to inquire about any overhaul via phone or email. All work is in a first come first serve basis.  Time line for adjustments is 3-4 days and overhauls 1-2 weeks.

All other repair is done on a per job basis and will be quoted separately. Walk-in repair estimates are welcome. There is no charge for a repair estimate. Time frame for adjustments is 3-4 days.

All work is done by appointment only.

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